Is Natural Stone the Right Choice for Your Home? — A Marble Refinishing Expert’s Perspective

No one denies that marble, granite, and all types of natural stone are beautiful building elements that make a home or business more luxurious. But are they practical? How does the investment of marble restoration weigh against the intrinsic appeal of natural stone surfaces? Home and business owners ultimately need to evaluate the pros and cons for themselves, but as marble refinishing experts with decades of experience, we hope we can be a valuable source of knowledge as you decide between natural vs. artificial and other types of surfaces.

Marble maintenance and stone restoration services: What am I signing up for?

If you’ve ever considered investing in a natural stone surface, you’ve probably given thought to the upkeep it involves. Yes, marble and other stone require a little more TLC than synthetic surfaces, but the maintenance is manageable when you know exactly what to expect.

Typical stone maintenance and marble refinishing involves the following:

  • Doing your research: It’s important to be aware of the potential ways your natural stone surface can be damaged. This will depend on the particular type of stone you have (most importantly, polished or unpolished). When you understand the ways natural stone behaves differently than its synthetic counterparts, you can avoid unnecessary damage.
  • Gentle cleaning: As with any surface, you’ll want to wipe or mop down natural stone as needed, avoiding harsh chemicals and acids. For full instructions, see our guidelines for cleaning natural stone at home.
  • Professional stone restoration services: Natural stone will periodically need refinishing with normal wear and tear. There are a handful of DIY solutions out there for particular types of damage, such as stains. However, professional marble refinishing is the best way to restore your surface’s original shine.

Compare this to the upkeep involved in surfaces like porcelain tile and wood, which rarely stand the test of time. Refinishing these materials is costly, messy, and doesn’t restore the surface to its original shine like marble restoration does.

What are the benefits of natural stone?

Marble floors, granite countertops, and limestone tiling are elegant materials that withstand any shift in trend. But with so many cost-effective synthetic alternatives on the market, why would one opt for the real thing?

It all comes down to character.

No two natural stone surfaces are the same. Since it comes directly from the earth, it is more aesthetically complex than any artificial material. Stone surfaces will also develop “patina” with age, meaning they develop natural wear (which may or may not match your personal preference; however, many people find this part of the appeal). Impurities in marble and other stone make them unique and beautiful.

While natural stone is not for everyone, it is well-loved by those willing to care for it properly. Its historic significance and natural beauty have enriched our structures for millenia, and will continue to do so for years to come.


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