Residential and Commercial Marble Refinishing & Restoration

European Marble Refinishing Inc. offers many types of restoration services to fit the needs of our client base. Below you will find a list of "problems" that you may be experiencing with your marble, granite, or other stone surface. Identify your problem and we will provide the necessary stone care solution.

Problem: Marble is dull and lifeless. What happened to the shine?

Dullness on a stone surface is the result of:
  1. Scratches and normal wear and tear (foot traffic)
  2. Acidic etching (spills from coffee, vinegar, perfume, wine, juice, etc)
  3. use of improper cleaning product

Solution: Diamond Refinishing Process.

This process involves surface sanding and polishing. This is the only way to remove surface scratches and restore marble that is worn or badly etched.

Problem: Marble floor is very uneven. Does the floor need to be replaced?

Unevenness on a stone floor is usually due to a less than ideal installation.

Solution: Grinding Restoration Process.

Grinding restoration is a more aggressive method of refinishing which uses carbide stones or disks to level out the unevenness between floor tiles. It creates one smooth, uniform surface. Adding an epoxy in the joints before final polishing is the perfect way to eliminate the grout line. That means dirt and grit will not become trapped in the joints like it does when the floor is not ground down. Grinding restoration is a very common practice in Europe and is usually done there immediately after any installation. EMR Inc. is one of the very few stone restoration companies that understands and offers this service!

Problem: We have a new granite counter top. How do we take care of it?

Granite is a very durable counter surface and has become quite popular in kitchens and baths. Proper maintenance is essential, but many are unsure of what to do.

Solution: Professional Cleaning, Sealing and Waxing.

You should have your stone surfaces professionally serviced about once per year. We provide cleaning, sealing and waxing services. Then we educate our customers on proper care steps and provide them with maintenance guidelines.

Problem: Our stone surface has been stained. Is the discoloration permanent?

Keep in mind that stone will always be porous and will absorb.

Solution: The Poulticing Process.

Poulticing is a method of stain removal that we have found successfully removes most types of discoloration from a stone's surface.